Saturday, April 20, 2013

Anyone can DOODLE my way!

Pick up a pen, I use Sharpies but any pen or drawing marker will do. Get your paper, I use 100 lb. card stock, now lets create.....

There are some basic shapes I use in my Yoga Doodles they are the foundation of every design I ever do so once you practice these shapes you will be able to Yoga Doodle!

Practice these designs over and over creating your own designs with the basics. There are no mistakes in doodling so the rule is, have fun, laugh, take a risk, enjoy and let go!

Only 1 thing holds us back from being who we are creatively "FEAR".


  1. Great leaping off point! Thank you for sharing!

    Sandy S

  2. I love to doodle, so thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Muchas gracias por la leccion.

  4. this is soooo awesome!! here is something to go with your quote..... F.E.A.R = False. Expectations. Appearing.Real
    claudia torres(long beach,ca)

  5. This is so difficult to read.

    1. If it is too small... just go to VIEW... then ZOOM... & make it bigger so you can see better!!! When you're finished, just put it back to the % you were at originally!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I think it will be helpful as I challenge my creative side. :)

  7. Thank you so much! I love drawing mandalas, but ran out of ideas. This was just what I needed to get going again!